Monday, June 11, 2012

CP: Confrontational Pitcher

Chris Perez does not shy from confrontation off the field.

He infamously called out Cleveland fans.  He got fined by MLB for violating their social media policy with his "you hit us and we'll hit you" quip.  And while these examples may been perhaps overblown, Perez is no shrinking violet.  (Just ask KC.)

But it is worth noting that CP is as in your face on the mound as he is on twitter.  In fact more so,  he leads MLB in % of pitches in the strike zone.  Perez throws 60% of his pitches in the strike zone.  Perez is not baiting hitters with incendiary comment hoping for swings outside the zone.  He gets you mad and brings it right at you.  

Love him or hate him.  Respect that he backs up his words by living in the strike zone.

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