Saturday, February 23, 2013

AMC presents their hit series CLE LF 2012

I'm a fan of AMC's Walking Dead

Yep, it's zombies.  But my interest stems from the real human responses to catastrophe.  For example, multiple characters lock away zombie, former-loved ones, hoping for a cure.  They know better.  But human nature, what it is, they hold out hope.  Maybe the walking dead can live again.  Ultimately, this proves tragically pointless. 

You want to know the difference between being a Cleveland fan now and last year?  Last year, we prayed that zombies could live.  

Last spring, we had an open competition for the left field spot.  Everyone failed.   Failed bad.  Duncan .759 OPS.  Cunningham .544 OPS.  Spilborghs .472 OPS.  Canzler .626 OPS.  ... There were more and all failed to mimic a MLB left fielder.  They say don't trust spring statistics.  But common sense said, rub your eyes and look at the corpses.    

Just like characters in the Walking Dead, former major leaguers were stored in our left field.  There is nothing dignified by pretending the dead will live again.  The climatic end of this charade was when we had to put down zombie Johnny Damon. 

No one wanted to see that. 

This year, we are not praying on zombies.  Dice-K, Kazmir, Giambi, and Raburn aren't going to win spots on a farce.

2013 differs from 2012, because only the living need apply. 

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