Friday, March 8, 2013

Terry Francona

I'm going to gush a little.

But cut me some slack, I'm a die hard Cleveland sports fan.  And let's face it we have been left at the alter more than a few times.  Not to bring up bad memories, but we have been there.  All dressed in white with a nervous smile and he says that he is taking his talents to south beach.  And Thome professed his love and then left........(sure, we later hooked up thanks to facebook)...but that was a hard moment.  Manny left us, but he was always a cad.  Let' face it.  We have had a checkered love life.  

But with Francona, I feel like Sally Fields.  This is a Kosar moment.  The nation doesn't get the whole Lebron backlash.  But we put a higher premium on loyalty around here.  Was Kosar the best QB ever?  Damn right, he was.  Don't give me your fancy numbers.  He chose us.  End of story.

The Francona signing feels that way.  Sure, he is here cause he wants to work with his friends, Shapiro and Atonetti (which is cool on its own).   But it feels like he is here, because he loves Cleveland.  He chose us.  National pundits found it puzzling.  What no one would want to marry me?  Screw you, guys!  Meet our new manager. 

I'm no Shawn Spencer.  I don't know what the future will bring.  I don't expect Cleveland to make the playoffs this year.  But come hell or high water, I am a Terry Francona fan.   

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