Thursday, March 7, 2013

The year ahead at ttfc

Thanks everyone.  There has been sooo much e-mail that I may to have to have e-mail Thursdays. Monty, you and your family are in my thoughts.  Again, thanks for the out pouring of support.  Most of you have been great.  A few of you will be hearing from my attorney about restraining orders.  But I love all feedback.  Keep it coming.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating things.  Hehehe, I am not.  Ttfc hasn't quite hit Beiber-esque popularity.  But, it is pretty close, and I being completely serious.  The response to this blog has been amazing.  You are all beautiful people.  I am hearing your cries to go worldwide.    But people remember that keeping it real comes at a price.

Nevertheless, there are exciting things are happen here at ttfc.

[The Tribe Daily]

First, I'd like to encourage you to bookmark and check out The Tribe Daily.  Once upon a time, I tried to write daily recaps of all things Cleveland baseball.  But you know what?  Why do the same thing that others are doing better?  I was, eh, okay.  But if you want a daily rundown of baseball events from ttfc, throw your computer out of the window.  Throw it now. 

You want to know what is happening with the Tribe check out The Tribe Daily.  Ttfc is about fun, facts, and .... (you know I am looking for another word starting with 'f') ... friction ... too dirty ... failure .. too self-revealing ... fandango ... too confusing.  Screw it.  ttfc is about fun, facts, and baseball. 

This year, you will be getting some of my careful work over at The Tribe Daily.  You know, stuff that is proofred.  *rolls eyes*  There is a series on the Tribe starting staff in works.  (The B-material will be kicked to ttfc or ESPN.)  So, look forward to that.

[ttfc, reaching the unconverted]

I love baseball.  When I write serious pieces about it, I spend real time researching, organizing, and formulating.  I make no claims to be a baseball expert, but I care and give it an honest effort.  With some pieces, I have a clear vision from the beginning.  Others are a labor of love.

What I realized as a struggled through a particular tough piece is that I can kick out crazy shit on the side, no problem.  I sensed such a feeling a freedom.  It was Shawshank freedom, where the truth is the shit and filth you need to crawl through to get to creativity.  You emerge with a blog ready piece. 

My personal introduction to The Tribe Daily is a piece that I like.  If you want more pieces like this, I am am happy to oblige.  I feel a daily urge to push out writing like this.  I've forced out another piece like this, the Breaking Bad's Jesse meets Cleveland baseball blog.  It is okay, but I can do better. [Most of the shit I write is for lemmings, family, and the two friends I have remaining/more lemmings.  Edit out later.]  That was my first run, and I was all blocked up.

Anyway, if the teaming, steaming masses want it, I will oblige.  It will be things that I was thinking about while writing about baseball.  I have a special place each morning.  I think hard about baseball.  Sometimes, I really strain.  And I have had more than one revelation there, but not something that will win your fantasy league.

Comment, if you are interested. 

[Life is just a fantasy ... ]

I  am researched up and ready to go.  I feel very comfortable with points league questions about any player in baseball.  But I have no clue how many stolen bases Miguel Cabrera is likely to get.    But, pick a player and I'll give you movie cowboy comparables.

 [I am who I am]

This is still the same blog that called the emergence of both Masterson and Brantley.  Would have helped your fantasy team that year, huh?  I know it did mine.  (Ignore all LaPorta articles.  I repeat.  Ignore all LaPorta articles on ttfc.)

Of course, you and everyone else read my post comparing Tomb Raider the movie to results batters get by not swinging, fouling, or walking.  People seemed to love that post.  I just can't seem to recapture the magic of Angelina Jolie, NSFW.  I didn't think it was my best work, but obviously the people have spoken.

I'll make no apologies when I do hardcore baseball analysis.  And I will make no apologies when I do weird stream of consciousness stuff.  I hope some baseball people stick around, because I put a bunch of effort in those pieces.  I hope some non-baseball people stick around for the wacky stuff.  I enjoy and care about those pieces as well.

But if not, jokes on you. 'Cause no one is reading anyway.  Muhahaha..  

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