Monday, April 4, 2011

Why is Cleveland so down?

What is up with all the negativity? The beat writers need grief counseling. Attendance keeps hitting record lows.

And this is Cleveland. We aren't new to rebuilding seasons. This is a team that didn't make the playoffs from 1955-1994. Pete Rose ended the career of our young catcher in an All-Star game. These are fans that have had their hopes dashed by "Trader" Lane, Joe Charboneau, and Alex Cole.

Why are Cleveland fans so down? Here is a list possibilities.

1. No one likes us anymore. Last year, people picked us as a dark horse, and we were terrible. This year, no one is predicting us to be good. By the law of correlation between prediction and finish, we should do worse this year.

2. We have LeBron hang over. He pushed us over our sports disappointment limit. The tank is empty in Cleveland. (Art Modell and Lebron need matching tattoos. "Loyalty but not to you.")

3. It is just best to rip the bandage off fast, and we pulled it off slow. We traded away Cy Young winners in consecutive seasons. We did that in '08 and '09. But we were still trading away players from that '07 playoff team last year. Three years of selling is hard for any fan base to take.

4. Our best everyday doesn't hit 40 homeruns per year. Shin-Soo Choo is a great player, but he doesn't hit tons of homers. He lead the league in outfield assists. It is hard to generate high expectations based on the arm of your right fielder.

5. Our ace has a 30.00 ERA. This is our worst fears confirmed (even if it isn't).

6. We need more Carlos Santana. He looked good last year, but he was injured in a terrible looking play at the plate (see memories of Ray Fosse above).

My suggestion to boost attendance? How about a 10 cent beer night? I bet people would go to a game for 10 cent beers. What could go wrong?

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